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1. 'Mars 2020': NASA's mission to the Red Planet explained NASA is sending a rover to Mars in July 2020. The mission, called “Mars 2020,” will be the agency’s most ambitious exploration of the planet yet. The rover will search for signs of ancient life, collect samples for possible return to Earth, and prepare for future human exploration. It will also test new technologies, such as a new type of rocket engine, to aid in the quest to get humans to Mars. 2. Astronauts Ready for Historic SpaceX Launch NASA astronauts Robert Behnken and Douglas Hurley are ready for launch in SpaceX's Crew Dragon spacecraft. The two will be the first astronauts to launch on a commercial spacecraft and could be the first to take a trip to the International Space Station since 2011. The launch will mark a major milestone in the much-anticipated era of commercial spaceflight. 3. SpaceX Launches Astronauts Into Orbit SpaceX has launched two astronauts into orbit, marking the first time in almost a decade that astronauts have launched from U.S. soil. The launch is also the first time that a commercial provider has launched astronauts into space, a major milestone for the future of space