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Kia Motors is a South Korean multinational automotive manufacturer headquartered in Seoul. Founded in 1944, Kia is the oldest and largest automotive manufacturer in South Korea. It is the third largest car company in the world, behind Toyota and Volkswagen. Kia's product range includes passenger cars, SUVs, vans, commercial vehicles, and electric vehicles. Kia's worldwide sales have grown steadily since its founding in 1944, and the company now sells more than two million vehicles annually. Kia is known for its commitment to innovation and quality, and its products are renowned for their reliability, value, and style. Kia has also been recognized for its environmental initiatives, such as its use of recycled materials and its commitment to reducing greenhouse gas emissions. Kia is also an industry leader in safety, offering advanced safety features such as blind spot monitoring, lane departure warning systems, and driver fatigue alert systems. With its wide range of vehicles and commitment to quality, Kia is a leader in the global automotive industry.

90 questions (and answers) about the 2024 Maruti Suzuki Swift!

The 2024 Suzuki Swift concept was revealed in October 2023 at Tokyo - and since then, fans of the Swift are in a state of high anticipation. Post-reveal, a lot more information has come out about the upcoming hatchback, such as expected launch time, specs and dimensions, engine, colours, features such as ADAS and so on. Here is all the available info as of now in a Q&A format. Question: What platform will the 2024 Suzuki/Maruti Swift be based on? Answer: The improved Heartect platform. Dimensions have increased but wheelbase remains the same at 2,540mm. What are the key dimensions of the new 2024 Swift? Length - 3,860 mm, width - 1,695 mm, height - 1,500 mm. How do the dimensions compare to the current Swift sold in India? Length increased by 15mm. Width has decreased by 30mm, height reduced by 40mm. What changes can be seen on the front exterior design of the new Swift? Revamped grille, sleeker LED headlamps with new DRL shape, redesigned front bumper and fog lamps, slightly altered bonnet. What modifications are there in the side profile? Fresh design for alloy wheels, prominent shoulder line running across length, conventional door handles. How has the rear profile changed in the 2024 Swift? New LED tail lamps with C-shaped elements, revised tailgate and bumper, integrated parking sensors and camera. What is the current opinion on the design of the 2024 Swift? Looks premium. But purely as a design, auto experts who saw the car think its a bit odd. However, perhaps the premium look of the design will be enough to sell it in large numbers. Design purists are few anyway! Also see: 2024 Maruti Swift Colours What updates can be observed in the cabin and interior? Fully redesigned layered dashboard, floating touchscreen unit, rectangular AC vents replacing circular ones, premium seat materials and patterns. Is there any confirmation whether ADAS will feature in the India-spec Swift? No official confirmation yet on ADAS features for Indian version, but test mules showed related radar cut-outs. Still speculative. What engine options were showcased internationally for the 2024 Swift? A new 1.2L 3-cylinder Z12 petrol engine mated to strong hybrid technology, plus 1.2L mild hybrid versions. What kind of mileage can the Z12 hybrid Swift engine potentially deliver? Around 35km/l as per international reports. Is the Z12 engine expected to power the India-bound 2024 Swift as well? Yes, likely. But mild hybrid only, not full hybrid. No complete clarity yet from Maruti Suzuki. How much mileage can the Z12 mild hybrid engine offer in India as per reports? Possibly 30km/l or more. Specific details awaited. How does the Z12 engine compare to current Swift's K12 engine? Improved torque and lower emissions cited as key advantages of new smaller capacity Z12 engine. Which other Maruti models can the new Z12 engine feature in? Potentially Baleno, Ignis, Fronx and Eeco in the future. What are the key differences in terms of exterior design between old and new Swift? Front grille, headlamps, front bumper design changes plus revised rear lights, tailgate, bumper highlighted. How have the interiors been changed in the 2024 Swift? Fully redesigned dashboard and console, AC vents shape change, addition of latest touchscreen infotainment system. Does the 2024 Swift shown internationally feature electronic parking brake? Yes, but unlikely for India-spec models. Local preferences usually don't favour this. Will the new Swift be more expensive than current model? Yes, expected. New features, styling changes and upgraded engine to push prices upwards. When could the 2024 Swift launch happen in India? July-August 2024 timeline speculated based on unveilings and typical launch lead times. Does the 2024 Swift's hybrid technology work like in Grand Vitara? Yes, similar principle but Swift uses smaller capacity engine. Detailed working not fully revealed yet. Can the Swift hybrid operate solely on electric mode for short distances? Likely. Multiple reports indicate EV only mode capability for limited range, like in Grand Vitara. Why is higher torque being prioritized in the new Z12 engine? To boost drivability and performance for Indian traffic conditions where torque lag is problematic. How does improved torque also benefit fuel efficiency? Better low-end response allows lower rpm driving, reducing fuel consumption. How crucial are stricter emissions norms for Maruti Suzuki's engine strategy? Very important, especially in pushing adoption of more environmental-friendly engine technologies like mild and strong hybrid systems. Why does Maruti emphasize compatibility with CAFE norms in engine design? These norms regulate fleet-wide mileage and emissions, so new engines must comply. Failure to do so result in penalties. What is the projected starting price range of the 2024 Swift? No final estimates revealed yet, but likely between Rs 6-7.5 lakh ex-showroom minimum. Will rear passenger space increase or decrease in new model? No major dimensional changes suggest it will be broadly similar. Exact measurements still awaited. What are the key priorities Maruti has set for the 2024 Swift? Efficiency, performance, drivability, comfort and complying with stricter environmental norms. Cost control also vital. What new convenience features can we expect in higher variants? Possibly wireless charging, connected car technology, tire pressure monitoring system etc. Has Maruti indicated if multiple engine options will be provided? No, only Z12 engine in mild and strong hybrid versions revealed until now. Other options not mentioned yet. Whether the strong hybrid both will come to India is unclear. With higher prices, how will Maruti position 2024 Swift competitively? Likely emphasis on superior styling, new engine's torque and efficiency plus additional features in top trims. Which rival models will the 2024 Swift compete against most directly? Tata Punch, Hyundai Grand i10 Nios remain closest competitors in this space even post launch of new Swift. Is Maruti likely to offer CNG version of new Swift along with petrol mild hybrid version? Yes, CNG expected. Company already offers it on most models. If not at launch, it will appear soon enough. What body types will new Swift be offered in? Only hatchback or other options too? Likely only hatchback in the beginning. No indication of sedan body version for Indian market yet. But Maruti Suzuki may design a new Dzire based on the 2024 Swift for India. Why does the Swift continue using projector headlamps rather than full LED? Cost considerations crucial here. Full LED still expensive for high volume budget segment model like Swift. Will ride comfort improve or worsen in new model compared to current Swift? Limited information. Ride comfort depends on suspension tuning which is unknown for now. We will have to drive it to know. What is the function of the ADAS button on the steering wheel internationally? Likely to switch between active and passive ADAS modes since many features can be turned off or overridden manually. Does Suzuki offer the hybrid Swift in Manual transmission internationally? Yes. Both AMT and manual gearbox options revealed for international variants. Why is ADAS technology only appearing in premium vehicles currently? High costs of sensors and development has limited mainstream adoption so far. Needs scale to become affordable. What automated functions does adaptive cruise control provide? Automatically accelerates or brakes to maintain safe distance from vehicle ahead. Works in traffic too. How does driver monitoring system contribute to safety? Alerts if driver seems distracted or drowsy so they can re-focus on driving. What basic functions make up dual sensor brake support feature? Camera and radar sensors detect ahead obstacles and provide alerts. Some auto braking. Can lane keep assist actively prevent lane departure via steering interventions? Yes, by providing appropriate steering inputs if drift likely. Part of lane centering function. How does adaptive high beam assist optimize visibility at night? Automatically controls high/low beam switching based on other vehicle presence ahead. What road sign related support does new Swift offer drivers? Detects speed limit, no entry etc. signs and displays them on dash along with warning sounds. Is 360 degree camera offered only in top Swift hybrid variant? No confirmation. Maruti may try to offer it on the top variants. It is still considered a premium feature globally. Which ADAS features are already appearing in some India models like Baleno? Major ones are auto headlamps, lane keep assist and adaptive high beam assist. But limited spread. Why has Suzuki used a 400cc per cylinder approach for the new Z12 Swift engine? To keep cylinder volume in optimal range for power and efficiency. Reduces engine size and weight too. Will servicing costs increase or decrease for new Swift owners? Likely remain similar. Less cylinders means lower component costs but new tech adds complexity. Trade-off exists. What basic functions will electronic parking brake provide? Auto hold at inclines and full parking brake application plus reminders for disengagement. Can strong hybrid tech make the Swift the first mainstream hatch in India to offer 30km/l mileage? Yes, quite probable if introduced. Significant efficiency gains expected from locally manufactured tech. With strong hybrid, even 35 kmpl is possible. But no certainty on whether it would be launched in India or not. Does the Z12 engine sacrifice high RPM performance for better low-end torque? Somewhat yes as per reports. Free-revving nature takes a partial backseat for urban driving needs. Will new Swift see expansion in sales network reach to tier 3 and 4 towns? Already has high reach. Further expansion will depend on how model is positioned by Maruti. How critical is competitive pricing for Swift given high volumes targeted? Very crucial as first-time buyers are highly cost-sensitive. Aggressive pricing needed with rising costs factored in too. What approach has Maruti taken for styling refresh of new Swift? More evolution than revolution. Builds on brand recognition so some signature elements retained, unlike radical redesign attempts. Will Maruti offer customized styling packs on purchase to attract young buyers? Quite possible. Has done this successfully to tap personalization demand with chrome packs, styling add-ons etc. Scope exists. How do SUV styling cues in new Swift help protect sales despite rising SUV popularity? There aren't many SUV cues. But you can say the styling enhances road presence and aligns with shifting buyer preferences to some degree rather than look dated. Will new front grille help make Swift look more premium than earlier generations? Yes, going with trend of more prominent grilles with integrated chrome and gloss black elements lifts premium appeal considerably. How does reducing height while increasing length give new Swift a more performance-oriented stance? Dropping roof line and height adds dynamism to side and rear profiles. Also aids aero. What role does a distinct shoulder line play in modern automotive styling? Adds muscular, sculpted look along flanks. Used to break visual bulk and link front and rear. Defines wheel arches too. Will new tail light design improve night-time visibility and presence on the roads? Yes, likely. Focused LED graphics and internals should enhance visual signatures compared to current model. How critical are alloy wheels for hatchback styling in India's competitive market? Significant factor. Premium appeal aligned with aspirations is important for young buyers plus aftermarket potential. Why is a rear parking camera becoming almost mandatory even in budget models nowadays? Enhancing safety, meeting minimum regulatory needs and customer experience expectations are driving adoption. What parking-related tech could high-end Swift variants additionally adopt in future? Possibilities are parking sensors, cross-traffic alerts, autonomous self-parking capability etc. Depends on pricing strategy. Can Swift hybrid justify a starting price tag crossing the Rs. 10 lakh mark if introduced? 50:50. It is a very popular model, and it may be able to pull of a Rs 10-lakh plus pricing with the 35 KMPL strong hybrid engine. But who can say. Maybe ven Maruti Suzuki does not know! Is the Japan-spec hybrid Swift serving more as a technology showcase than high volume product? Global markets hold more potential now. Europe might love it. India just might embrace it. Wait and watch. What after-sales service benefits does Maruti's extensive dealer presence provide Swift owners? Higher accessibility for repairs, maintenance, spares etc. Quicker turnarounds too. Enhances ownership experience greatly. How does Maruti score over rivals in rural market penetration currently? Combination of large sales infrastructure, localized engagement strategies plus positioning of entry models like Alto works better. Which competitor brand poses the biggest threat to Maruti's dominance in hatchback segment? Hyundai has strong contenders. But Tata's Punch mini-SUV becoming very popular poses an indirect challenge with shifting buyer preferences. Does Maruti sacrifice profit margins to maintain segment share for models like Swift? Earlier yes. But gradual margin improvement evident through platform commonality and managing cost inflation relatively better than before. Profit focus increasing. Why is Maruti cautious about acquiring an outright premium/luxury brand? Risks diluting focus plus uncertainties around acceptability of Indian badge in that space currently. Preference for partnerships or gradual organic brand elevation. Which key weaknesses need to be addressed to protect Maruti's market leadership over long term? Lagging in EV space, limited SUV portfolio and rebutting 'old brand' perception as new players emerge. Sustainability linked too. Does Maruti see more potential in CNG or fast-tracking EV adoption for small cars now? Likely backs CNG medium term since affordability concerns persist for mass EV adoption. Gains time for ecosystem to catch up while signaling intent. Which pending Maruti launches will compete with Tata Punch in mini-SUV space? Fronxcompact SUV likely their most direct response. Slightly bigger Brezza also vies for youth buyers here. Why is ramping up exports critical for Maruti amidst flat domestic growth forecasts? Enhances capacity utilization, globalizes brand, insulates against domestic risks while rupee depreciation helps too. Which advanced features could Maruti adopt more aggressively to shed conservative positioning? Sophisticated ADAS across the range, driving aids like HUD, interior ambient lighting, OTA updates etc. if associated costs can come down reasonably over next 2-3 years. Global products set benchmark here (not to mention SUVs such as the Kia Seltos, Hyundai Creta etc which are very feature-rich.) Will sales of Baleno/Ignis be impacted adversely with launch of new-gen Swift? Some temporary shift likely depending on relative positioning and feature set. But Maruti will likely differentiate to protect overall sales volume across models. What customization options will new Swift offer to attract modified car enthusiasts? Few unknowns for now. But expect body kits, roof wraps, interior styling add-ons etc. to be made available via dealer network or others. How fuel efficient is the current generation Swift sold in India? ARAI certified mileage is 23.2km/l for 1.2L petrol manual variant. Real world city/highway figures will be considerably lower. What percentage efficiency gain is the 2024 Swift likely to achieve as per early estimates? Difficult to predict accurately. But around 20-25% increase likely based on hybrid tech capability showcased internationally so far. Should Maruti introduce Swift hybrid in India despite potential for low volumes initially? Makes sense despite low early demand. Signals future tech intent, import substitution benefits possible. Spreads awareness and elevates brand too. Which body type Swift variant holds highest sales contribution currently? The manual mid-variant petrol hatchback occupies the sweet spot for sales volumes based on price positioning in India. Why is achieving cost parity for hybrid vehicles compared to petrol variants challenging? Batteries, motors and associated complexity add significant cost. Higher import dependence currently also hinders localization & economy of scale benefits. How can Maruti make new Swift more affordable for lower income groups despite feature addition? Keep base variant low on frills with focus only on basic safety, convenience over infotainment. Subsidize finance costs. Will ride quality take priority over outright handling performance for new Swift tuning? Yes, likely. Focus will be on satisfying daily city usage, highway stability over chasing lap times. Wider tires may feature for better balance. Why is torque delivery optimization trickier for small turbo-petrol engines? Narrow optimal efficiency band plus transient response lag are key pain points that need electronic calibration. Thermal management vital too. Which core areas will Maruti focus on to revamp brand image in line with new Swift launch? Key messaging around modernity, technology leadership, safety, performance and overall aspirational quotient is expected. Not just value, but delight. What about safety? Will it get tested by GNCAP or Bharat NCAP? Global NCAP is mostly out of the picture now. We think Maruti will get it crash-tested by Bharat NCAP. Wait for the results. What role can Swift's legacy play in marketing new 2024 model to loyal owners? Strong emotional connect leveraged via alumni programs, ownership forums and emphasizing how new Swift carries forward brand values modernized for changing times. Why has Maruti not offered extensive ADAS features in mass models till now? Main challenges are steep development costs, lack of regulation plus reliability issues persisting in Indian conditions like complex traffic, poor roads etc. How crucial is the Swift to Maruti Suzuki's India product portfolio? One of the most important models responsible for volumes and customer acquisition over the last 17 years across generations. Vital part of long term strategy. What does the Swift represent for Maruti brand in the Indian market? A sporty, youthful personality with delicate balance of practicality and excitement. Foray into more aspirational positioning while retaining value focus core. Why do car buyers love Maruti models? Tried and tested reliability, particularly suited to Indian conditions. Reassurance of high resale value, low maintenance is comforting during key personal investments. How can Maruti tap more small towns and rural areas with the new gen Swift? Tie-ups with fintech firms for customized loans, deploying more on-ground sales agents well-versed in local culture and customer pain points. After-sales investments critical too.