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1. Koala population decline in Australia linked to heatwaves, research finds - This article from The Guardian discusses how koala population decline in parts of Australia is linked to heatwaves. It explains that koalas have a lower tolerance for heat than other animals, and that the combination of rising temperatures and drought can lead to increased mortality. 2. Koalas are facing extinction, and a major new project hopes to save them - This article from CNN discusses a new project in Australia that is aiming to save koalas from extinction. It explains that the project will involve using drones to monitor koala populations, as well as relocating them to areas with more suitable habitats. 3. Koala Rescue - This video from National Geographic shows the work of a koala rescue team in Australia. It follows volunteers as they search for injured and orphaned koalas, and provides an insight into the efforts being made to protect this species.