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Land Rover is a British automobile manufacturer that specializes in the production of off-road vehicles. The company was founded in 1948 and has since become one of the most iconic and well-known brands in the world. Land Rover produces some of the most capable off-road vehicles on the market, and they have become popular among adventurers, outdoorsmen, and regular drivers alike. Whether you're looking for rugged off-road vehicles or luxury SUVs, Land Rover has something for everyone. Here you can find the latest news and articles about Land Rover, as well as videos and reviews of the latest models.

Toyota Hilux Ads Banned In the UK! | Cartoq

In a ruling, the UK Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) has prohibited two Toyota SUV advertisements for promoting environmentally irresponsible driving, marking the first time an SUV ( a pickup truck in this case) ad has been banned for breaching social responsibility standards in an environmental context. https://youtu.be/o9UGhOWLimo The ASA took action against two ads that were part of a 2020 campaign, one being a poster and the other a social media video. The video featured numerous Toyota Hilux SUVs navigating rugged off-road terrain, including a river crossing, while a voiceover celebrated the scene as "one of nature's true spectacles." Subsequently, the vehicles transitioned to a road, drove through an urban area, and ended with a solitary SUV entering a driveway, accompanied by the tagline, "Toyota Hilux. Born to roam." The poster depicted two SUVs in the foreground followed by a convoy traversing rocky terrain, kicking up a cloud of dust. The complaint leading to the ban was lodged by Adfree Cities, a coalition advocating for the removal of advertising from public spaces, in conjunction with the UK campaign group Badvertising. They argued that the ads endorsed environmentally harmful behavior and called for an end to the advertising of high-carbon products and services. The ASA's ruling stated that the advertisements "condoned the use of vehicles in a manner that disregarded their impact on nature and the environment ... they had not been prepared with a sense of responsibility to society." Veronica Wignall, a co-director at Adfree Cities, expressed her concerns, stating, "These adverts epitomize Toyota's total disregard for nature and the climate, by featuring enormous, highly polluting vehicles driving at speed through rivers and wild grasslands." She highlighted the disparity between how SUVs were portrayed in advertising, often set in rugged environments, and their actual usage, with research indicating that three-quarters of new SUVs in the UK were registered in urban areas. Wignall emphasized the need to address the broader issue of high-carbon advertising's impact on society. Wignall urged the government to take measures to "stop high-carbon advertising at source," similar to tobacco advertising bans. She stressed that climate change was affecting health in the UK and globally. Toyota defended its Hilux campaign, arguing that the vehicle served a legitimate purpose for individuals working in demanding industries such as farming and forestry. However, the commercial did not feature any such workers. In 2021, the ASA had announced plans to investigate environmental advertising claims and practices. The ruling highlighted the growing scrutiny of advertising's role in promoting environmentally irresponsible behavior. The ASA's previous attempt to ban a Land Rover Defender off-roader advert on social responsibility grounds in 2021 was later overturned. A Toyota spokesperson responded to the ban, emphasizing the company's commitment to reducing carbon emissions across its vehicle lineup and its willingness to share electrification technology. The spokesperson clarified that the footage in the advert was shot on private land outside the UK, in a non-ecologically sensitive environment. Additionally, the poster utilized computer-generated imagery, minimizing its environmental impact. The popularity of SUVs has surged in the UK, accounting for nearly one-third of vehicle sales. In Europe, SUVs represented a record 51% of new car registrations in the current year. Rising SUV sales, often heavier than traditional models, have contributed to higher carbon emissions for the average conventional-engined car purchased in 2023 compared to its 2013 counterpart, according to climate campaign organization Possible.