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Light pollution is a growing problem that is impacting both wildlife and humans. It is caused by the excessive use of artificial lights, which can disrupt the natural patterns of darkness and light. Some of the effects of light pollution include decreased visibility of the night sky, increased energy consumption, and disruption of wildlife behavior. There are many ways to reduce light pollution, including installing energy-efficient lighting, using motion-sensor lighting, and limiting light to the area that it is needed. Additionally, it is important to raise awareness of the issue and the ways to reduce it. Recent articles about light pollution include "Light Pollution: The Invisible Threat" from NASA, which examines the causes and effects of light pollution and the solutions to reduce it. Another article on the topic is "How To Reduce Light Pollution In Cities" from National Geographic, which looks at five ways to reduce light pollution in cities. Videos about light pollution include "Light Pollution: What It Is and How To Fight It" from Science Channel, which explains the causes and effects of light pollution and how to reduce it. Another video is "Light Pollution: Effects on Human Health and Wildlife" from the Dark Sky Society, which discusses the impacts of light pollution on human