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Logo design is an important aspect of any business’s identity. A logo is often the first thing potential customers see when they encounter a business and can have a significant impact on how customers view the business. To ensure that a logo design is effective and memorable, businesses should stay up to date on the latest logo design trends and news. Here are some of the best resources for logo design news, articles, and videos. 1. Logo Design Love: Logo Design Love is a blog written by logo designer and author, David Airey. The blog provides helpful advice and tips for logo designers, as well as news and updates about the industry. There are also logo design tutorials and case studies. 2. Logo Design Guru: Logo Design Guru is a blog and website offering advice, inspiration, and resources for logo designers. The blog features articles on logo design trends, tips on how to create a good logo, and interviews with industry professionals. 3. Logo Design Blog: Logo Design Blog is an online resource that features articles and news about logo design. The blog covers topics such as logo design trends, how to create a logo, and tips for logo designers. Readers can also find inspiring logo design examples. 4. Logo