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1. "New Study Finds Oldest Known Mammal Fossil" (ScienceDaily, May 2019): This article discusses the discovery of the oldest known mammal fossil, which is believed to be 125 million years old. It provides information on the fossil and its significance to the study of mammal evolution. 2. "Scientists Discover That Mammals May Have Originated Before Dinosaurs" (National Geographic, August 2018): This article discusses a new study which suggests that mammals may have originated before dinosaurs. It covers the evidence used to make this conclusion and the implications this could have on our understanding of mammal evolution. 3. "Why Do We Have Mammals?" (Smithsonian Magazine, February 2019): This article provides an overview of the evolution of mammals and why they are so successful today. It discusses the adaptations that have allowed mammals to survive and thrive in different environments, as well as their importance to the ecosystem. 4. "Mapping the Genome of Human and Other Mammal Species" (Live Science, May 2018): This article discusses how scientists are using genome mapping to better understand the evolution of humans and other mammals. It covers the types of information that can be obtained by mapping the genome and how it can be used