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Mamut Art Project is a non-profit organization in the United States dedicated to providing access to art and culture to underserved communities. Founded in 2013, the Mamut Art Project has worked with a variety of organizations, schools, and museums to provide educational programming, interactive activities, and art-making opportunities for youth and adults. The Mamut Art Project also curates and produces public art installations in public spaces, such as parks, plazas, and public buildings. The Mamut Art Project's mission is to use art and culture to create meaningful and lasting social change. The Mamut Art Project works to promote the importance of art and culture in our society, and to empower individuals to express themselves and explore their own identities through art. The organization focuses on providing youth and adults with access to diverse and engaging art experiences, and facilitates conversations between artists, curators, and the public. The Mamut Art Project also works with local organizations to create art-focused programming and events that promote dialogue and civic engagement. News and media coverage of the Mamut Art Project has focused on the organization's efforts to bring art and culture to underserved communities. Articles have highlighted the organization's work to create public art installations, and its