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Marathon Battle is an annual event that takes place in the city of Marathon, in Greece. The event is a unique running race that takes place in the city's historic ruins. The Marathon Battle is organized by the Greek National Tourism Organization and is held every year on the last Saturday of April. It is one of the most popular running races in the country and attracts thousands of participants from around the world. The course is a 10k loop around the ruins and includes a mix of flat and hilly terrain. The race is open to both professional and amateur athletes and has become a great way to experience the city's ancient sites. The Marathon Battle is a great way to experience the history, culture and beauty of Greece. Here are some news articles and videos about the Marathon Battle. News 1. "Greece's Marathon Battle: A Race through Ancient Ruins" - The New York Times 2. "The Marathon Battle: Experience History and Culture in Greece" - CNN 3. "Greece's Marathon Battle: A Fun Run through Ancient Ruins" - BBC News 4. "Greece to Host Annual Marathon Battle" - Reuters 5. "Marathon Battle: Witness the Beauty of Ancient Greece