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1. Marie Curie’s Impact on Science and Technology This article examines the impact that Marie Curie has had on science and technology. It looks at her Nobel Prize-winning discovery of radium and polonium, her research into the nature of radiation, and her pioneering use of radioactive isotopes in medicine. The article also discusses her legacy, including her pioneering work in the field of nuclear physics and her philanthropic activities. 2. Marie Curie and the Development of Radiation Therapy This article discusses Marie Curie’s role in the development of radiation therapy. It looks at her early experiments with radiation and how she used her knowledge to develop new treatments for cancer. It also examines her legacy in the field of radiation therapy and how her work has helped to save countless lives. 3. Marie Curie and the Nobel Prize This article examines Marie Curie’s Nobel Prize-winning research and the impact it had on the scientific community. It looks at her groundbreaking discoveries in the field of radioactivity and how they led to the development of nuclear energy and nuclear weapons. The article also discusses her legacy and how her work helped shape the modern scientific world. 4. Marie Curie’