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Mass Effect is a popular video game series from Bioware. It is a science fiction role-playing game set in the 22nd century, in which the player takes on the role of Commander Shepard, a soldier tasked with saving the galaxy from a powerful alien threat. The series consists of four main games, as well as numerous downloadable content packs. Mass Effect has been praised for its story, characters, and action-oriented gameplay. Mass Effect news and updates come out regularly, and there are plenty of articles and videos that can keep fans up to date on the latest developments. Here are some resources to help you stay informed: • Official Mass Effect Website: The official website for Mass Effect has all the latest news, trailers, and information on upcoming content packs. • Mass Effect Wikia: The Mass Effect Wikia is a great source of information on the series, including character bios, plot summaries, and more. • Mass Effect YouTube Channel: The official Mass Effect YouTube channel has a variety of videos, including trailers, developer diaries, and gameplay footage. • Mass Effect Subreddit: The Mass Effect subreddit is a great place to discuss the series, share fan art, and find out about upcoming content.