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June 28, 2017 To make sure your team is ready for the tournament, take advantage of the following tips. 1. Get the team uniform and equipment ready. Make sure everyone has the same jerseys and all the necessary ball, bat, and glove equipment for the tournament. 2. Do plenty of practice. Make sure your team is ready with the basics like batting, fielding, and running. Also practice drills and exercises that would help the team to improve on their skills. 3. Have a team spirit. Make sure your team is mentally and physically prepared for the tournament. Give them pep talks and have team bonding activities. 4. Have a game plan. Even if your team is well-prepared, it is important to have a game plan that affects the strategy you will use against each opponent. 5. Have a positive attitude. Remind the players to stay positive and motivated throughout the tournament. 6. Get enough rest and nutrition. Make sure your team is well-rested and eat healthy meals before the tournament. That way, the players can perform at their best.