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Mesolithic Age Mesolithic Age is an archaeological period that lasted from around 10,000 to 8,000 BCE. It was a period of transition between the Paleolithic and Neolithic Ages that saw the development of a variety of subsistence strategies, including hunting, gathering, and fishing. During this period, humans began to domesticate animals and cultivate plants, paving the way for the development of the Neolithic Age. The Mesolithic Age is characterized by the production of microliths, small stone tools used for various purposes. It is also believed that this period saw the spread of some of the earliest forms of art and religion. 1. Prehistoric Climate Change in Europe Helped Shape the Mesolithic Age 2. Archaeologists Uncover Prehistoric Tombs in Ireland 3. Mesolithic Artifacts Reveal Ancient Hunting Practices 4. Archaeologists Reconstruct Ancient Fishing Practices 5. Tracking the Spread of Early Farming Practices 6. Mesolithic Art Sheds Light on Ancient Beliefs 7. Investigating the Use of Microliths in Prehistoric Times 8. Exploring the Impact of Climate Change on Prehistoric Populations 9. The Role of Women in Early Societies