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1. Archaeologists Unearth Ancient Mesopotamian City This article from the National Geographic discusses the recent discovery of an ancient Mesopotamian city. Archaeologists unearthed the city, which is believed to date back to the 3rd Millennium BC, during a project in Iraq. The article details the findings and explains that the city was likely part of the Akkadian Empire, which ruled the region during the Bronze Age. 2. How was Writing Invented in Mesopotamia? This article from Ancient History Encyclopedia examines the invention of writing in Mesopotamia. It explains that the cuneiform script was developed by the Sumerians and explains the evolution of the script over time. It also looks at the impact writing had on Mesopotamian society, and how it helped create a more organized and complex civilization. 3. Mesopotamian Deities This video from The Great Courses Plus provides an overview of the gods and goddesses of Mesopotamian mythology. It looks at the major figures and their roles in the stories, as well as their relationships with one another. It also discusses how the gods and goddesses were viewed by the Mesopotamian people and how they were worshiped