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Migration of tribes is a common phenomenon in the world today. It is the movement of people from one place to another, either within a country or across national boundaries. Tribal migration can be voluntary or forced, and it often occurs in response to changes in the environment, economy, politics, or culture. News The news media often covers stories of tribal migration, both in the present and in the past. These stories often focus on the effects of migration on the environment, culture, and economy. For example, news stories may discuss how tribal migration has led to deforestation, pollution, or economic displacement. Other news stories may focus on how tribal migration has impacted a particular group, such as how it has changed the makeup of a region or caused conflict between different groups. Articles Scholarly articles on tribal migration often explore the causes and effects of this phenomenon. These articles may examine the environmental, economic, and political impacts of tribal migration on a region or population. They may also discuss the push and pull factors that drive tribal migration, such as climate change, poverty, and conflict. Additionally, articles may explore the different strategies that tribes have used to adapt to migration and the challenges they have faced in doing so. V