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- Lifehack Minimalism has become an increasingly popular lifestyle choice in recent years. People are drawn to the idea of living with fewer possessions and appreciating the things that they do have. There are many benefits to living a minimalistic lifestyle, such as reducing stress, increasing happiness, and focusing on what is truly important in life. Here is a collection of news, articles, and videos about minimalism, so that you can learn more about this lifestyle and decide if it is something that may be right for you. 1. Minimalism: The Art of Living with Less - This Lifehack article explores the concept of minimalism and how it can help you to live a simpler, more meaningful life. 2. The Power of Minimalism: Why Less is More - This TED Talk by Graham Hill explains how the idea of minimalism can help to create a more meaningful life. 3. Minimalism: A Documentary About the Important Things - This award-winning documentary explores the lives of several people who have adopted the minimalistic lifestyle. 4. 10 Benefits of Minimalism - This article from The Minimalists outlines the many benefits of living with less and why it is an important lifestyle