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Foley Artist: Behind the Scenes of Film Sound The sound of a film is just as important as the visuals. It can set the tone, add atmosphere, and provide clues about what’s happening in the story. But where does all that sound come from? Meet the Foley artist, the unsung hero behind the sound of the movies. Foley artists are named after Jack Foley, a sound technician in the early days of film who developed a technique to add realistic sound effects to a movie. Foley artists use props and everyday objects to create sound effects in sync with the action on screen. For example, they may use a piece of cloth to create the sound of a flag flapping in the wind, or a pair of scissors to create the sound of a sword fight. Foley artists also use their bodies to create sound effects. They may use their hands to create the sound of footsteps, or their mouths to create the sound of a gunshot. They often work with Foley mixers who record the sound effects and mix them with the rest of the audio in the movie. Foley artists are an integral part of the filmmaking process. Without them, movies wouldn’t sound as realistic and immersive. So the next