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Neurophinance is a term used to describe the research and development of financial technologies that use neuroscientific principles to better understand and manage financial information. This includes the use of artificial intelligence and machine learning to analyze financial data and make decisions. Neurophinance has grown in popularity in recent years as the financial industry seeks to leverage the power of neuroscience to improve financial decision-making. This has led to an increasing number of research papers, articles and videos discussing the potential of neurophinance and the challenges it poses. There are several websites that offer news, articles and videos about neurophinance. One such website is the Neurophinance Institute, which has a blog focused on neurophinance news, research and developments. The blog covers a variety of topics related to neurophinance, including the use of machine learning, artificial intelligence and other technologies to understand financial data. Other websites that offer news and articles about neurophinance include the Neurophinance Network and Neurophinance Magazine. The Neurophinance Network is an online community of neurophinance practitioners and researchers, while Neurophinance Magazine is a publication dedicated to the latest news, research and developments in neurophinance. Videos about neurophinance can also be found on YouTube