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1. "The Power of Social Media" (https://www.entrepreneur.com/article/323652) This article discusses the impact and power of social media, and how it can be used to build relationships with customers and promote a business. It looks at how businesses can use social media to reach new audiences, engage with customers, and measure success. It provides tips and advice for businesses that want to make the most of social media. 2. "What Is New Media?" (https://www.thoughtco.com/what-is-new-media-2486329) This article provides an overview of what new media is, how it differs from traditional media, and how it has changed the way people communicate and interact. It looks at how new media has impacted politics, business, and culture, and how it has enabled the rise of digital media and the internet. 3. "The Impact of New Media on Society" (https://www.thoughtco.com/impact-of-new-media-on-society-2486333) This article looks at the impact of new media on society, examining how it has changed the way people interact and consume information. It looks at the