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NFT hydroponics is a type of indoor gardening that uses nutrient-rich water to grow vegetables, fruits, and herbs. It’s an efficient and cost-effective way of growing plants without soil, and it’s gaining popularity among home gardeners, commercial growers, and research institutions. There are many resources available online to help you get started with NFT hydroponics, including news articles, videos, and tutorials. Here are some of the best sources for information about NFT hydroponics. 1. NFT Hydroponic News Articles There are numerous news articles about NFT hydroponics available online. These articles cover topics such as the advantages of NFT hydroponics, tips for getting started, and advice from experienced growers. You can find news articles from a variety of sources, including magazines, newspapers, and websites. 2. Educational Videos If you’re looking for a more visual approach to learning about NFT hydroponics, there are a number of videos available. These videos provide detailed explanations on how NFT hydroponics works and how to get started. You can find videos on YouTube, Vimeo, and other online video platforms. 3. Tutorials