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1. Egypt and Ethiopia Reach Deal on Nile River Dispute (NPR, July 2020) This article reports on a deal between Ethiopia and Egypt to resolve a decades-long dispute over the usage of the Nile river. The deal establishes a unified approach to the management of the river and allows for the construction of the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam, a massive hydropower project. It also includes provisions for a binding agreement on the rules and regulations for the use of the river’s water. 2. The Nile River: A Natural Wonder Of The World (National Geographic, May 2018) This article provides an overview of the Nile River, including its geography, history and impact on the people and cultures living near its banks. It also explores the river’s importance to the region, its environmental challenges and the efforts to protect and preserve it. 3. How Ancient Egypt Depended on the Nile (History.com, April 2020) This article examines how ancient Egyptians relied on the Nile River for their survival. It explores how the river was used for transportation, how its annual floods provided fertile soil for farming and how it was used for irrigation, fishing and other everyday activities. 4. Video: The Nile: