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1. Rare Baby Orangutan Rescued From Smugglers In April 2019, a baby orangutan was rescued by Indonesian authorities from smugglers. The tiny orangutan, believed to be just a few months old, was taken from its mother and sold to smugglers. The orangutan was found in a cardboard box in Jayapura, a city in the Indonesian province of Papua. The orangutan was taken to the Borneo Orangutan Survival Foundation, where it was nursed back to health. 2. Orangutan Adapts To Survive In Urban Jungle An orangutan in Indonesia has learned to adapt to the urban jungle. The animal, named Oki, was found living in a city park in the Indonesian island of Sumatra. Oki has learned how to survive and find food in the city. He has also learned how to interact with people, even riding a motorcycle with a local. Oki's story is a remarkable example of how orangutans can adapt to the ever-changing environment. 3. Orangutans In Danger From Logging Orangutans are facing a growing danger from logging in their native habitats. The logging industry is destroying the forests that orang