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Oscar Wilde is one of the most celebrated writers of the Victorian era and is considered one of the most influential figures in English literature. Wilde was a playwright, poet, novelist, and a literary critic who wrote plays such as The Importance of Being Earnest and The Picture of Dorian Gray. He is remembered for his many witty and humorous aphorisms, as well as his scandalous personal life. Here are some of the latest news and articles about the famous writer. 1. Oscar Wilde's Forgotten Female Collaborator - The New York Times This article from The New York Times sheds light on the forgotten female collaborator of Oscar Wilde, Lillie Langtry. Langtry was a British actress and socialite who collaborated with Wilde on his play "Lady Windermere's Fan". The article discusses how Langtry was a major influence in Wilde's work and how her contributions have been largely overlooked in his biography. 2. Oscar Wilde: A Brief Biography - Britannica This article from Britannica is a brief biography of Oscar Wilde. It covers his childhood, education, literary career, and personal life. It also covers some of his famous works, such as The Picture of Dorian Gray and The Import