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1. Picasso's 'The Women of Algiers' Auctioned for Record Price This spring, Picasso's painting "The Women of Algiers (Version O)" was auctioned off at Christie's in New York for a record price of $179.4 million. The painting was the most expensive artwork ever sold at auction, breaking the record previously held by Francis Bacon's "Three Studies of Lucian Freud," which sold for $142.4 million. The painting was part of a series of works that Picasso created in 1954-55. 2. Picasso's Blue Period Works to be Showcased in Major Exhibition This summer, the Art Institute of Chicago will be hosting a major exhibition of Pablo Picasso's Blue Period works. The exhibition will feature some of Picasso's most iconic works from the early 1900s, including "The Old Guitarist," "The Blue Room," and "The Blind Man's Meal." The exhibition will also include a selection of related works by other artists, including Edvard Munch, Henri Matisse, and Vincent van Gogh. 3. Picasso Painting Found in Attic Fetches $28 Million at Auction In May of this year