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Paleolithic Age News • Ancient Human Footprints Found In Cappadocia, Turkey (January 2020) • Ancient Artifacts Discovered in Central Italy (February 2020) • Neanderthals Discovered in the Spanish Pyrenees (March 2020) • Prehistoric Cave Art Found in the French Alps (April 2020) • Neanderthal Remains Found in Hungary (May 2020) • Ancient Human Remains Unearthed in Israel (June 2020) • New Evidence of Neanderthals in the Caucasus Mountains (July 2020) • Ancient Human Remains Discovered in Siberia (August 2020) • Stone Age Artifacts Found in Jordan (September 2020) • Neanderthal Remains Discovered in Austria (October 2020) • Ancient Human Remains Found in Morocco (November 2020) • Prehistoric Cave Paintings Discovered in the Sahara Desert (December 2020) Videos • Ancient Human Ancestors: The Paleolithic Age (YouTube) • Prehistoric Cave Art: Ancient Symbols of the Paleolithic Age (YouTube) • Neanderthals and Modern Humans: A History of Interaction (YouTube)