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Primitive art is a term used to describe art created by humans during pre-historic times, and is typically divided into three main categories: Paleolithic, Mesolithic and Neolithic. Primitive art can take many different forms, including rock art, pottery, jewelry, sculpture, and painting. Its purpose is often believed to be symbolic or ritualistic, and it is an important part of many cultures’ history and heritage. Some of the oldest known artworks are believed to have been created by primitive cultures, and this art continues to be created today in some areas of the world. 1. Ancient Art: What is Prehistoric Art? This article from the British Museum explores the history of prehistoric art and how it has evolved over time. It looks at prehistoric paintings and sculptures, as well as how ancient cultures used primitive art for spiritual and religious purposes. The article also explains how archeologists are able to uncover and analyze prehistoric artifacts to gain insight into the cultures and societies of the past. 2. ‘Primitive’ Art: Investigating the Origins of Prehistoric Creations This article from National Geographic looks at the origins of prehistoric art and examines how it has been interpreted over the years. It discusses the meaning