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1. Rabbit Care Tips: How to Keep Your Pet Rabbit Happy and Healthy - This article from petMD provides general advice on how to care for a pet rabbit, including diet, housing, exercise, and more. 2. What to Know Before Buying a Pet Rabbit - This article from Petfinder gives tips on how to decide if a rabbit is the right pet for you, what to consider before bringing a rabbit home, and more. 3. Video: How to Bond with Your Pet Rabbit - This video from AnimalWised offers tips on how to create a bond with your pet rabbit, such as providing treats, spending time with them, and more. 4. How to Make Sure Your Pet Rabbit Is Happy - This article from PetHelpful offers tips on how to keep your pet rabbit happy, such as providing a safe space, playing with them, and more. 5. Health Tips for Rabbit Owners - This article from the House Rabbit Society provides tips on how to keep your pet rabbit healthy, including diet, exercise, and more. 6. How to Introduce Your Pet Rabbit to Other Animals - This article from The Spruce Pets provides tips on how to safely introduce your pet rabbit