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1. Fires in the Amazon Rainforest: Causes and Consequences: This article from National Geographic provides an overview of the causes and consequences of fires in the Amazon rainforest. It discusses the human activities that have caused the deforestation of the rainforest and the devastating effects that the fires have had on the environment and the local communities. 2. Scientists Are Finding New Ways to Study the Amazon Rainforest From Space: This article from The New York Times discusses how scientists are using satellite imagery to gain a better understanding of the Amazon rainforest. It describes the various methods being used to analyze the data and how they can be used to better inform conservation efforts and help protect the rainforest. 3. Deforestation of the Amazon Rainforest: A Video Exploration: This video from National Geographic provides an in-depth look at the deforestation of the Amazon rainforest. It explores the causes of the deforestation and its devastating effects, as well as the efforts being made to try and protect the rainforest. 4. How the Amazon Rainforest Helps Combat Climate Change: This article from The Guardian examines how the Amazon rainforest helps to combat climate change. It looks at how preserving the rainforest can help reduce global temperatures, as well as