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Re-financing is a type of loan that allows homeowners to restructure their existing mortgage terms to potentially reduce their monthly payments or interest rates. It is a form of debt consolidation that can provide debt relief and help homeowners save money. It can also be used to access the equity in a home for other financial needs, such as making home improvements or paying for college tuition. When considering a re-finance, it is important to understand the fees and other costs associated with the loan, as well as the risks and benefits. News Articles 1. What to Know Before Refinancing Your Home 2. 5 Reasons to Refinance Your Mortgage 3. Refinancing Your Mortgage: 6 Things You Need to Know 4. Benefits and Risks of Refinancing Your Home Mortgage 5. How to Choose the Best Mortgage Refinancing Option Videos 1. What Is Mortgage Refinancing? 2. How to Refinance Your Mortgage 3. Refinancing Basics 4. What’s the Difference Between Refinancing and Remortgaging? 5. Mortgage Refinancing Tips