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1. The Benefits of Listening to Relaxing Music In this article, author Debra Lynn Dadd explains the benefits of listening to relaxing music. She explains that calming music can reduce stress, improve sleep, enhance creativity, improve mood, and even reduce physical pain. She also talks about the various types of music that can be used for relaxation and how to choose the right music for the right situation. 2. 10 Best Songs for Stress Relief This article from Healthline recommends 10 songs that can help relieve stress. These songs have been selected for their ability to relax the mind, reduce tension, and improve focus. The playlist includes classical, jazz, indie, and pop music from artists like Adele, John Legend, and Coldplay. 3. How Listening to Music Can Help with Stress This article from WebMD explores how music can be used to manage stress. It explains that certain types of music can help people relax, reduce stress hormones, and reduce muscle tension. It also discusses the different genres of music that can be used for relaxation, such as classical, jazz, and ambient music. 4. The Science Behind Relaxing Music This article from Science Alert dives into the science behind why music can be used to

Royal The CEO Shining Light In The Music & Entertainment Industry – The R Report

Renee Mickens aka Royal the CEO  serves as CEO of her company called, “Royal Hustler Company” which is an entertainment proprietor that provides event planning, networking, and hosting for the urban classy habitués, marketing/promotions, and public relations services under her Royal Hustler Promotions Co brand.  Royal has over 10 years of experience in marketing & promotions with magazines, indie music artists, fashion brands & fashion designers, podcast & radio shows, etc., as clientele. Royal Hustler Company was featured in the hit YouTube web series, “Rodent, The Urban Soap Opera” episode 2 and Royal has been featured in Grinderzzz Magazine, SapphirEmerald Magazine, Respect My Royalty Blog by Lady Nicole and Incline Magazine, Respect My Royalty Podcast, I.A.S Live Music Review Publication and TV Show, 950 Lounge Podcast,  Scrilla Guerillaz Magazine and Violators Unlimited Radio Podcast and recently a co-host on Da Kontrol Room Podcast. Royal is also a published curvy/plus-size model and participates in the NYC Sexy Curvy Divas. Royal currently serves as CEO of Royal Hustler Promotions, Director of Hip Hop Blvd Awards, and booking agent for various podcasts and magazines. Royal  Hustler Company was recently awarded 2022 Best of The Bronx Public Relations firm.  More about Royal the CEO Royal is a licensed Insurance Broker in NY, NJ, and PA and carries a Master's Degree in Communications from NYIT. She is also a mom who enjoys watching movies, relaxing, traveling, and reading books Connect on Instagram @royal.hustler.company

Marcia Griffiths and Turbulence - Time Away - Donsome Records | DJ Pack

Marcia Griffiths and Turbulence - Time Away - Donsome Records Marcia and Turbulence sing sweet harmonies on Time Away Marcia Griffiths, the queen of reggae recently teamed up with Turbulence for the track Time Away.  Released a week ago, Time Away was produced by Donsome Records LLC. “I have done a lot of collaborations over the years but this one stands out for me. Come on, this is the Queen of Reggae we are talking about and the song is sweet, sexy and relaxing. It talks about taking a break from work to be together with that special someone and lovers who work hard can easily relate to this song,” Turbulence explained. Turbulence shared how the idea for the song came about and also working with Griffiths. “The idea for the song came from the producer Adrian ‘Donsome’ Hanson as he had it written down for me to sing. It is the first time in my career that I never wrote my own song, but for Marcia, I just did it that way.” He continued, “Working with Marcia it’s like a vision that came to pass. I met her once some time ago and we spoke about making a song together and Jah sent the producer to make it happen. So, to describe the feeling, it’s a great feeling.” Griffiths was just as complimentary about collaborating with Turbulence. “I love and respect talent and Turbulence was always one of my favourites. I love his talent and he’s so humble. So, without a doubt, I was ready for this collaboration,” said Griffiths. She added, “My takeaway experience from this collaboration with an artiste with talent, is soulful to the music and yet with so much humility. This is a lesson for a lot of our fellow artistes to adapt.” Said Griffiths, “This is a love song with a beautiful message. It happens quite often that couples spend too much time working and forgetting that loved ones need some quality time together.” Listen Now: https://ingrv.es/time-away-761-w