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The following are news articles, blog posts, and videos related to Rial. You can explore them further for more information on the currency, its value, and its role in the global economy. News 1. Iran's Currency Reaches Record Low Against US Dollar In August 2018, Iran's currency, the rial, hit an all-time low against the US dollar. On August 8th, one US dollar was worth about 110,000 rials, making it more difficult for Iranian citizens to purchase goods and services. The drop in the value of the rial has been attributed to the upcoming sanctions from the US, as well as the country's economic mismanagement. 2. Iran Introduces New Currency In April 2019, the Iranian government announced that it would be introducing a new currency, the toman. The toman is equal to 10,000 rials, and was intended to reduce confusion and make transactions easier. The move was also seen as an attempt to boost the value of the rial, although it remains to be seen if this measure will be successful. Blog Posts 1. The Impact of US Sanctions on the Iranian Rial In this