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1. San Francisco to relax restrictions for outdoor dining and other businesses This article from KTVU Fox 2 News in San Francisco covers the recent decision by the San Francisco Department of Public Health to relax restrictions for outdoor dining and other businesses. The article explains that the new guidelines allow for outdoor dining, retail stores, and personal services to open with limited capacity and social distancing. Additionally, the article explains the new guidelines and what businesses need to do to stay in compliance. 2. San Francisco launches ‘Dreams Come True’ program to help small business owners This article from ABC 7 News covers the launch of the “Dreams Come True” program in San Francisco. The program is designed to help small business owners who have been impacted by the coronavirus pandemic. The article explains that the program provides grants of up to $50,000 to help small business owners cover costs associated with reopening and operating their businesses. The article also outlines the eligibility requirements for the program and how to apply. 3. San Francisco's Office of Small Business launches new grant program for Black-owned businesses This article from CBS SF Bay Area covers the launch of a new grant program from San Francisco

Exploring Kyoto Japan, Creative Expression Through Street Photography, Connecting With Your Heritage Abroad with Taro Moberly | Zero To Travel Podcast

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to connect with your heritage?  Today I am joined by ex-pat and street photographer, Taro Moberly, to learn about how a short-term trip to learn about his roots turned into 7+  years of living in Kyoto, Japan.  Taro’s passion for photography took flight when he moved from California to Japan in 2015. While it was originally just a way to share life with family and friends in the states, it quickly became a way to express how he sees the world and inspire others to travel. If you have ever wanted to visit Japan, you will not want to miss this episode. Taro shares places and experiences you can’t miss, his biggest takeaways from being immersed in a different culture, tips for learning languages in a new country, and so much more.  Where would you travel to connect with your heritage? I'd love to hear what they are and hope you will share them by sending me an audio message. Don't forget that if you want access to the private Zero To Travel podcast feed, a bonus episode every month (decided on by YOU), exclusive content, direct access to me to answer your questions, and more. Click Here To Try Premium Passport For Only $1 and get: Access To The Zero To Travel Podcast Archives (300+ amazing episodes and growing)  One Bonus Episode Per Month (Decided By YOU) + Exclusive Content You Can’t Hear Anywhere Else  Ask Me (Jason) Your Burning Questions, and Get A Personal Answer!  All Episodes Ad-Free (From April 2021 Onward) Tune In To Learn: What it was like to grow up in San Francisco Why Taro was inspired by photography at an early age How Taro uses photography to communicate as an introvert The reason Taro decided to move to Japan full-time and how he secured a job Resources for people who are interested in teaching English in Japan What it’s like to live in Kyoto Japan Unique customs in the structure of daily life in Japan Why Taro misses small talk The essentials things you must do and see when visiting Kyoto Tips for learning the language of a new country What Taro has learned about his heritage through living in Kyoto Lessons gained from living in a different culture And so much more Resources: Join Zero To Travel Premium Passport Altitude Connect Visa Signature Card - Today's Sponsor Check out Taro’s Photography Purchase a copy of In Kyoto Follow @taromoberly on Instagram JET Program and Interac Network Want More? The Ultimate Guide To Budget Travel In Japan: Destination Discovery Series How A Pilgrimage Can Transform Your Life w/ Paul Barach Travel Photography 101 with Travis Longmore Thanks to Our Sponsors Altitude Connect Visa Signature Card, with the ability to earn up to 5x the points on travel-related expenses like hotels, and rental cars, this card will get you the most return on your next trip.