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1. "How the Nordic Model Is Helping Scandinavians Cope With the Coronavirus Pandemic" This article discusses how the Nordic countries of Scandinavia have been able to handle the coronavirus pandemic better than most thanks to their social welfare system, which has been referred to as the "Nordic Model". The article looks at how the countries' strong welfare systems, healthcare systems, and social safety nets have helped their citizens cope with the pandemic, as well as how their governments have responded to the crisis. 2. "Sweden's Coronavirus Experiment: No Lockdown, But Strict Social Distancing" This article looks at how Sweden has taken a different approach to handling the coronavirus pandemic compared to the rest of the world. Rather than imposing a strict lockdown, the country has instead implemented strict social distancing measures which have been largely successful in preventing the spread of the virus. The article looks at how the country has been able to achieve this, as well as the potential implications of this approach. 3. "Video: Inside Scandinavia's Secretive Tech Scene" This video takes a look at the thriving tech scene in Scandinavia,