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1. "Shiba Inu: The Dog You Need To Know about This Year" - This article from Petguide.com provides an overview of the breed and their characteristics, as well as tips for prospective owners. 2. "A Guide to Shiba Inu Training" - This article from Dogster.com offers advice on how to train a Shiba Inu, focusing on obedience and house training. 3. "Shiba Inu: A Breed Overview" - This video from the American Kennel Club provides an introduction to the breed, highlighting its traits and characteristics. 4. "Why Shiba Inus Are the Best Dogs Ever" - This article from The Dodo looks at the reasons why Shiba Inus are such beloved pets, from their intelligence to their unique personalities. 5. "Shiba Inu: Ancient Japanese Breed" - This video from Animal Planet provides an overview of the breed’s history, including its origin and development. 6. "Understanding the Shiba Inu's Aggressive Behavior" - This article from DogBreedInfo.com looks at the common causes of aggression in Shiba Inus and how to manage it.