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Skinmalism is a term used to describe the discrimination against people who have skin color or complexion that is considered to be less attractive than the norm. It is a form of prejudice and discrimination based on skin color, typically favoring lighter complexions. This type of racism is pervasive in many parts of the world, particularly in countries such as India and South Africa, where lighter skin tones are considered to be more desirable. Skinmalism has been linked to the colonial legacy of certain countries and the effects of colonialism on race, class, and other socioeconomic factors. It is also believed to be connected to global beauty standards, which often favor lighter skin tones. The effects of skinmalism can be far-reaching. It can lead to feelings of inferiority, low self-esteem, and depression among those who are discriminated against because of their skin color. It can also lead to higher rates of poverty, unemployment, and other social issues. In an effort to combat skinmalism, many organizations, including the United Nations, have launched campaigns to raise awareness about the issue and to promote diversity and inclusion in all aspects of life.