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1. Scientists Invent New Glue That Can Repair Hearts: Scientists have developed a new glue that is strong enough to repair damaged cardiac tissue and could be used in the future to repair hearts more effectively. The glue, which is made from a type of sugar, is biocompatible and biodegradable, meaning that it won't cause any harm to the body. The glue can be used to patch up small holes in the heart, and the team of researchers is now working on how to make it stronger so that it can be used to repair larger areas of heart tissue. 2. Scientists Use AI To Create Music That Is 'Unprecedentedly Realistic': Scientists at the University of Tokyo have developed an artificial intelligence system that can generate music that is incredibly realistic. The AI system takes in a variety of musical styles and genres, and creates new music based on what it has learned. The system has been tested on a variety of music styles, such as jazz, classical and rock, and the results have been described as “unprecedentedly realistic”. 3. New App Helps Parents Monitor Kids' Screen Time: A new app, called Screen Time, helps parents monitor their children's screen time and set limits