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1. What is Social Entrepreneurship? Social entrepreneurship is the practice of combining the traditional business skills of entrepreneurship with a commitment to creating social value by actively addressing and finding solutions to social, economic, and environmental challenges. It is a process of identifying and addressing social needs through innovative business models, products, and services. It focuses on creating social value and sustainable economic returns, often through the use of innovative technology, creating sustainable employment, or empowering underserved communities. 2. How Social Entrepreneurship Can Help Create a Better World Social entrepreneurship is a powerful tool for making a positive difference in the world. It can help create jobs, reduce poverty, address environmental challenges, and promote social justice. By combining traditional business principles with a commitment to making a difference, social entrepreneurs can create innovative solutions to some of the world’s most pressing problems. Social entrepreneurs can develop new products and services, create new markets, and empower underserved populations. Social entrepreneurship can also provide a bridge between the public and private sectors, allowing the two to work together to create positive change. 3. The Rise of Social Entrepreneurship Social entrepreneurship is on the rise. Thanks to the internet and the rise of global connectivity, more and more