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1. BBC News: Suspected poachers 'eaten by lions' in South Africa This article reports that three suspected poachers were killed and eaten by a pride of lions in South Africa. The poachers had allegedly entered the Sibuya Game Reserve in the Eastern Cape province to hunt rhinos. The incident was discovered by the reserve's anti-poaching unit when they found human remains, hunting equipment and firearms at the scene. 2. The Guardian: How the African lion is being saved by eco-tourism This article explores how eco-tourism is helping to save the African lion from extinction. It looks at how the growth of responsible tourism has led to more money being invested in conservation projects and the creation of protected areas. It also highlights how local communities are becoming involved in conservation efforts, such as forming anti-poaching patrols, monitoring populations, and setting up wildlife corridors. 3. The New York Times: Squeezing More Out of a Crop: New Ways to Grow More Food With Less Water This article looks at how farmers are using new technologies and techniques to grow more food with less water. It looks at ways farmers are using drip irrigation systems, soil moisture sensors, and