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Stefan Zweig is a renowned author, poet, playwright and biographer who has written dozens of works in his lifetime. He is best known for his novels such as The World of Yesterday, Beware of Pity and The Burning Secret, as well as his biographies of historical figures like Marie Antoinette, Sigmund Freud and Friedrich Nietzsche. His works have been translated into dozens of languages and are still widely read today. Here are some of the latest news, articles and videos about Stefan Zweig. 1. The Guardian: Stefan Zweig: a life in exile This article from The Guardian gives a detailed overview of the life of Stefan Zweig, from his childhood to his death in exile in Brazil. It outlines his incredible successes and his eventual decline, as well as his writing and his relationships with greats like Freud and Nietzsche. 2. The New York Times: Stefan Zweig, a Biographer of History’s Notable Figures This New York Times article takes a closer look at the works of Stefan Zweig, and his biographies of some of history’s greatest figures. It examines his approach to writing and explains why he was so successful in his