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1. Tata Motors launches digital retail platform 'Tata CLiQ Automotive' Tata Motors has launched a digital retail platform for automotive products, Tata CLiQ Automotive. The platform offers a comprehensive range of genuine auto spare parts and accessories for all Tata Motors vehicles, along with offerings from leading brands in the automotive space. Customers can now conveniently browse and purchase from a wide range of products online, making their shopping experience simpler and more efficient. 2. Tata Motors unveils 'Tata Motors Connected Mobility Solutions' Tata Motors has unveiled 'Tata Motors Connected Mobility Solutions', a suite of connected mobility solutions for its range of commercial vehicles. The integrated platform connects fleet operators to their trucks, provides real-time tracking and analytics, and helps them manage their fleets more efficiently. The platform will also enable OEMs and fleet operators to track the health of their vehicles, reduce downtime and improve operational efficiency. 3. Tata Motors unveils 'Tata Nano Electric' Tata Motors has unveiled the 'Tata Nano Electric', an electric version of its iconic Nano car. The Tata Nano Electric is powered by a 28 kW electric motor, and is capable of reaching a top speed of 105 km/h