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1. The Benefits of Teaching Online (EdSurge): This article provides an overview of the potential benefits of teaching online, including increased access to education and the ability to provide more personalized learning experiences for students. 2. Four Ways for Teachers to Connect with Students in the Digital Age (Edutopia): This article provides four strategies for teachers to build meaningful connections with their students in a digital environment, such as virtual classroom visits, online discussions, and personalized video messages. 3. 5 Tips for Successfully Teaching Online (The Balance Careers): This article offers five tips for successfully teaching online, including creating an organized course structure, setting clear expectations, and managing the technology. 4. 10 Essential Tips for Teaching Online (Online Education Database): This article provides ten essential tips for teaching online, such as breaking down complex topics, creating engaging activities, and providing timely feedback. 5. How to Make Your Online Classroom Engaging (KQED Teach): This article provides tips for engaging students in an online classroom, such as using discussion forums, creating breakout rooms, and using visuals. 6. Video: How to Create Engaging Online Assignments (eSchool News): This video explores how teachers can create engaging online