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1. Team Fortress 2: Meet The Pyro (Video): This video reveals the mysterious Pyro character in Team Fortress 2, as well as showcasing some of the weapons and abilities that the Pyro can use. 2. Team Fortress 2: What's New? (Article): This article covers some of the latest updates to Team Fortress 2, including new features, maps, and more. 3. Team Fortress 2: A Look Into the Characters (Video): This video takes a look at some of the characters in Team Fortress 2 and the personalities that make them so unique. 4. Team Fortress 2: Strategies and Tips (Article): This article provides some useful tips and strategies for players looking to get the most out of their Team Fortress 2 experience. 5. Team Fortress 2: The Story So Far (Video): This video looks back at the events of the Team Fortress 2 storyline, from the war between the mercs to the present day.