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The First Era is a period of history in the game of Magic: The Gathering. It began in 1993 with the release of the game's first set, Alpha, and ended in 1994 with the release of the game's third set, Homelands. During this period, Magic was a collectible card game that was sold in starter decks and booster packs. Players competed in tournaments and constructed decks using cards from these sets. The First Era was a period of rapid growth for the game; the game was initially released in the United States, but soon spread to other countries. During this period, the game experienced a surge in popularity and its overall player base grew significantly. It was also during this period that the game's first professional players and tournament organizers emerged. During the First Era, the game was played primarily in the United States, but was also gaining traction in other countries. Several tournaments were held during this period, including the first Pro Tour in 1994. This was a major event that featured the world's best players competing for cash prizes. The First Era was also a time of innovation for the game; during this period, several new mechanics and strategies were developed that have become staples of the game. The first expansion, Arabian Nights