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I am looking for news, articles, and videos related to Token. News: 1. "Crypto firm Coinbase files for 'token' trademark as it reveals plans to launch 'utility tokens'" - Forbes, April 2021 2. "SEC Fines Crypto Company for Unregistered Token Offering" - CoinDesk, May 2021 3. "SEC Charges Firm for Unlawful Token Sale" - The Wall Street Journal, May 2021 Articles: 1. "An Introduction to Tokens: What Are They and What Do They Mean for the Future of Cryptocurrency?" - CoinCentral, May 2021 2. "Understanding the Different Types of Tokens" - Blockgeeks, April 2021 3. "What is a Token? A Comprehensive Guide" - Investopedia, April 2021 Videos: 1. "What is a Token? A Beginner's Guide to Tokens" - Blockchain Education, April 2021 2. "What is a Token? Understanding Cryptocurrency Tokens" - CryptoCurrency Facts, April 2021 3. "Tokenization Explained: What is Tokenization and How Does it Work?" - CryptoMentor99, April 2021