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1. “Tom Ford on His New Film Nocturnal Animals, His Design Philosophy, and the Power of Perfume” This article from Vogue magazine explores Tom Ford’s latest film Nocturnal Animals, his design philosophy, and the power of perfume. It delves into the themes of the film and examines the different perspectives that Ford brings to the table. It also looks at the influence of his work on the fashion and beauty industries. 2. “Tom Ford's $50 Million Dollar Mansion” This article from Daily Mail looks at the extravagant lifestyle of Tom Ford and his $50 million dollar mansion. It examines the luxurious features of the house, such as the private cinema and heated swimming pool. It also looks at the car collection and the designer’s lavish lifestyle. 3. “Tom Ford's Life & Career in Pictures” This video from GQ takes a look at the life and career of Tom Ford. It follows his journey from his early days in the fashion industry to his current status as a fashion icon and film director. The video also includes interviews with Ford himself and other fashion industry professionals.