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1. Travel Agency News: Travel Agency Promotes Summer Travel Deals This travel agency news article discusses promotions for summer travel deals. The article outlines the discounts available for various types of travel and the promotional strategies used by the travel agency to promote the deals. The article also features customer testimonials from those who have already taken advantage of the promotions. 2. Article: How to Choose a Travel Agency This article provides advice to help readers select the right travel agency for their needs. It discusses the various aspects to consider when choosing a travel agency, such as customer service, cost, and the types of travel services offered. It also provides tips on how to evaluate a travel agency’s reputation and reviews. 3. Video: How to Book a Trip Through a Travel Agency This video provides a step-by-step guide on how to book a trip through a travel agency. It explains the different types of travel services available, such as booking flights and hotels, and offers tips on how to save money. The video also explores the benefits of using a travel agency to book a trip, such as convenience and access to exclusive discounts.