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July 2018 "You Can Now Rent a Tiny House on Airbnb" - Travel + Leisure This article discusses how Airbnb is now offering tiny houses for travelers to rent on its website. The article outlines the different types of tiny houses that are available and the benefits of renting one. It also discusses the environmental benefits of tiny houses and how they can help reduce a traveler's carbon footprint. The article also provides tips on what to look for when booking a tiny house on Airbnb. "5 Tips for Safely Towing a Trailer" - The Spruce This article provides five tips for safely towing a trailer. It covers topics such as checking the weight of the trailer, checking the wiring and brakes, using the correct hitch, and properly loading the trailer. The article also provides safety tips for towing a trailer and advises drivers to be extra cautious when driving with a trailer. "How to Buy a Used Travel Trailer" - RVshare This article provides advice on how to buy a used travel trailer. It discusses important factors to consider such as the size and weight of the trailer, the condition of the interior and exterior, and how to check for any hidden issues. The article also provides tips for negotiating the