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1. Twitch Unveils New Video Platform Beyond Just Streaming: Twitch has unveiled its new video platform, which will offer more than just gaming-related content. The platform will feature more than just streaming, with a range of new content and features, such as clips, highlights, and VODs. The platform will also include new categories of content, including music, sports, talk shows, and more. The new platform is designed to appeal to a wider audience, and bring more people into the Twitch community. 2. Twitch Announces New Creator Tools to Help Streamers Grow: Twitch has announced a series of new tools designed to help streamers build and grow their channels. The tools include a new dashboard that provides a range of customizable features, including stream analytics, channel customization, and more. The dashboard also includes a range of new features that enable streamers to interact with their audience, such as polls, surveys, and Q&A sessions. The new tools will help streamers better understand their audience and create more engaging content. 3. Twitch Introduces New Features to Help Streamers Connect with Fans: Twitch has introduced several new features to help streamers better connect with their fans. The features include new tools