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August 17, 2018 Twitter Should Worry About Its Future Twitter has become a popular social media platform for many people around the world. It’s a place to connect with friends, share ideas, and discuss the latest news. But recently, the company has been facing some tough questions about its future. The company has struggled to grow its user base and attract new users, leading some to worry about the platform’s long-term prospects. In recent months, Twitter has been the subject of several reports that have questioned the company’s business model and its ability to turn a profit. The company has also faced criticism over its handling of abuse and harassment on the platform, as well as its lack of transparency when it comes to political ads. Twitter is not the only social media platform facing scrutiny. Facebook and Google are also facing increased scrutiny over their data practices and their ability to protect user privacy. But while these companies have been able to make changes and adjust their policies, Twitter has been slower to respond. The bottom line is that Twitter is facing a difficult future. If the company cannot figure out how to attract new users and make money, it could be in trouble. It’s up to the