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1. “Universal Health Care and the Role of Government” This article from the Council on Foreign Relations examines the role of government in providing universal health care coverage around the world. It discusses the various approaches taken by different countries, the challenges and successes of various systems, and the importance of managing costs. 2. “Universal Health Care around the World: Benefits and Challenges” This article from the World Health Organization looks at the different approaches taken to providing universal health care around the world. It examines the economic and social benefits, as well as the challenges, of such systems. 3. “Universal Health Care: Pros and Cons” This video from the Economist looks at the debate surrounding universal health care. It examines the benefits and drawbacks of such systems and provides a balanced view of the arguments for and against. 4. “Universal Health Care: A Global Perspective” This talk from the World Bank looks at the different forms of universal health care systems around the world. It examines the successes and failures of such systems, and explores the different approaches taken to provide universal access to health care. 5. “Universal Health Care: The Debate Continues”